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Want to be a Gateway CASA partner?

There are many ways that you, your business, your church, your club, or your school group can partner with Gateway CASA and continue to build a strong partnership in order to support the foster children in your community.

Here are just a few ways:

- Plan a fundraising event and make Gateway CASA the beneficiary.
- Gather and donate supplies to our CASA Cares program.
- Become a sponsor for a Gateway CASA fundraiser.
- Plan/donate gifts or food for our CASA advocate appreciation events or trainings. 
- Donate services such as technical support, catering, etc.
- Donate gift cards to provide our advocates as gifts and also to provide them lunches while they are volunteering


Today a 3rd Judicial District Gateway CASA Volunteer changed a child’s life.

Today a CASA Volunteer visited with a child who felt worthless and alone.

Today a CASA Volunteer spoke with a child who felt they had no future.

Today a CASA Volunteer listened, offered support, and made a child feel wanted and special for the first time.

Tomorrow, the CASA Volunteer will do it again

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