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Our Volunteers work with children until
they are placed in loving permanent homes. For
many abused children, a CASA volunteer is the
only constant adult presence in their lives. A CASA volunteer is a court appointed special advocate. It is a volunteer commitment unlike any other. Mandated by Arkansas state statutes, a CASA volunteer is sworn in as an Officer of the court. They have access to all the important information and privilege needed to make life changing, best interest decisions for the children of 3rd Judicial District of Arkansas, spanning Sharp, Jackson, Lawrence, and Randolph Counties.



At the heart of every Gateway CASA donor is the desire to help children and give them a fighting chance to succeed. Your donation to Gateway CASA is not just a charitable contribution to a worthy organization; it is a gift that shows abused and neglected children that there are people who care what happens to them, who want to see them enjoy being a child, who want them to have opportunities that lead them into a better future.



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So many things have changed. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the difference that a CASA volunteer makes in the life of a child.


Our Membership and Partnership

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   Children Served            Adoptions            Reunifications             Volunteers Trained
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Fiscal Year 2021